8MM Film – The First Formula of Motion Picture

There is always an enthusiasm remains in people’s mind for entertainment. One cannot live without it whoever he is. Everyone wants entertainment whether of any kind. It is an appetite that is always increasing in nights and in days. One likes to have entertainment in the form of music, dance, play and film, there could be so many forms of entertainments but the great and perhaps a major form is – Quality 8mm films.

8MM Films

8MM Films

So to feed this appetite of film, 8mm film was first developed by Eastman Kodak. 8mm stands for 8 mile meter wide film strip and it is motion picture film format. It was the most used format of amateur director or any wanna be movie maker.

Today there are many famous directors in the world who first made their movie by using 8mm film format.  At that time it was considered a good format for making a film because of its better quality image and its most unique cartridge loading system that did not need a reloading and a re-threading thing.

There are also others version of 8mm film with some different quality and by different makers and for different camera use,  like super 8, single 8, straight 8 and ultra pan 8 but the film which made on them offer the same dimension as on 8mm film. It was not so costly also and durable for certain limit of time. Many those who had 8mm camera in past, shot their home videos and some films.

For the amateur movie maker it was also available with a magnetic sound track but the production was stopped because of some technical drawbacks.  But in recent times its demand has increased because of advancements in film stocks because it can handle greater variation of contrast than cameras and there is also and in digital technologies. 8mm film is still produced on a limited basis.

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Just a quick note to say thankyou for the fantastic job you did on our old films. Nan is still in tears with all the memories flooding back and your choice of music captured the moment brilliantly

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It’s a whole new experience seeing the old films on our Plasma. Cheers

- Bert H

Wow ! It was so great seeing the old slides again. We have printed a whole lot off as photos and the Dvd Slideshow has featured at many parties. Thanks Again

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I never thought that I’d ever hear that record again. I’ve been playing it in the car to work and picking up the kids from school. They are ready to kill me! Love it!

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These films have brought myself and my mother closer than ever. It has also allowed my students to get a first hand view of what it was like growing up in the 60’s. Thanks for the memories

- J Campbell

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