Convert VHS to DVD

Convert VHS to DVD

The easiest way to convert tape to Dvd is to simply do a Google search for terms like ‘Video to Dvd, Video Transfer, Vhs Dvd, Convert Vhs to Dvd, Vhs Conversion, Mini DV to Dvd, Film to Dvd, Movie Transfer, 8mm Film, Film Transfer, Super 8 to Dvd, 8mm to Dvd, Super 8 Dvd Conversion, Digital Conversion, Vhs to Dvd and Convert Tape to Dvd’. You will find a number of Companies that offer a mail order service and often have a turnaround time of 7-10 days. Within a week or so you’ll get your original tapes back along with a Dvd copy. Expect to pay in the range of $25 or more to have a single Vhs, Mini Dv, 8mm, Hi8 or Betamax tape turned into a digitally converted Dvd. Do shop around as there are Transfer Studios who offer professional digital conversions for around the $20 mark.

Some even offer free return postage for just as little as a minimum $50 spend. The inclusion of 5 minute chapter points make it a luxury of viewing the Dvd copy and be sure to find a Digital Transfer Service that offers this as a minimum along with HDMI upscaling which brings your video transfer to Dvd up to scale with todays LCD, LED & Plasma Tvs. Some companies also offer 8mm film and 16mm film to Dvd transfers. Again a quick Google search mentioning words like ‘Movie Transfer, Film to Dvd, 8mm Film, Film Transfer, Super 8 to Dvd, 8mm to Dvd, 8mm Dvd, Super 8 Dvd Conversion and Digital Conversion’.

Be sure to see samples of a Transfer Companies work. Those that are confident with the quality of their Digital Conversions will ofter display a sample of their work online. Another handy tip is to look for Digital Conversion companies that do contract work with Government groups, Universities, Museums and Film Archive or Historical Societies. These companies generally have a good track record with the quality of their digital conversions and that is the reason why these groups will use their services.

The invention of the first VTR dates back to the 1950’s. Ampex Corporation sold the first VTR for $50,000 in 1956, however the first Video Cassette Recorder VCR was sold by Sony in 1971. You might be one of those people with shelves full of home movies recorded from years earlier on a Camcorder. The problem with analog video tape is that they degrade over time with repeated play. The fact that tape’s linear nature requires continuous fast forwarding and rewinding, making it an often tedious viewing process.

The issue of storing extra gear around and not having backup and support for this dated technology also has its problems. Playing Vhs, Mini Dv, Video 8, Betamax, Hi 8 tapes means having a VCR or Camcorder nearby. It would be easier to digitally convert all of these old formats to Dvd. Transferring Video to Dvd, 8mm to Dvd, Super 8 to Dvd, Mini Dv to Dvd, Vhs to Dvd and other video transfers to DVD can be relatively easy. Provided that you have the right equipment you can do it yourself or you can pay a Service to do the digital transfer for you.

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In Australia one of these leading Digital Conversion services is Superdub. They are a specialized team of professionals with vast backgrounds in digital conversion. They also have a long list of partnership work with Local and State government bodies, University Groups, Museum & Historical Groups. They understand the characteristics of Film and Video transfer to digital. Its what they do, taking special care in cleaning, preserving and digitally enhancing all mediums of your special memories.

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