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Everyone has good memories and bad memories, some are to be remembered and some are to be forgotten. A human has memories in his mind whether bad or good and he can remember them whenever he wants whether bad or good but sometimes we capture the memories in some tapes or cassettes to see them again or remember. We play them in supported player cassettes and whatever it supports but sometimes some videos formats are not supportable or endurable for a long period of time.

They decay as time passes and some other problems happen as causing errors in them while playing and videos appear blurred or flickery sometimes but there is not anything to worry about. All old videos can be converted into a DVD or digital and can be safe for a long period of time whenever one wants to play at any time or events. You do not have to worry about anything just play and enjoy the moments.

There are some methods by which a video can be converted into or onto a DVD. They are as follow:

•    Insert a video cassette into VCR and connect it to the computer and take the video into computer through a variety of software.

•    Insert a blank DVD into DVD burner.

•    A dialogue box appears then click on the option ‘ burn files to data disk’, then again a dialogue box appears and write the file name by whatever name want to save.

•    Click on ‘show formatting option’.

•    Then click on ‘mastered option’ and then click on ‘next option’ and an empty disk folder appears.

•    Open the folder that contains the file that to be burnt and drag the file into empty disk folder.

•    Click on ‘burn to disk’ option and burner start the burning process, after burning the burner will eject the disk.

•    Now the DVD can be played whether on a computer or any DVD supported player.

You can convert video to DVD after learning this tutorial easily, So by this way a video can be converted into or onto a DVD and can be stored for a long time and can be played whenever you want.

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