8MM Film to DVD

8mm filmWhen 8mm film or super 8mm film was introduced then it seemed like a revolution in film making and with it many other variants came to existence. Now people were using 8mm film shoot home videos and movies also. Many silent films were made using this video format and others.

But as technology progresses there are new different cameras and film videos formats with advanced technology and people move towards them using but those old videos that they have of 8mm video formats are degrading as time is passing. They start to worry about them because there were some special memories and videos that they shot using this format. There are damages too and errors too while playing them and sometimes videos become blurred and not suitable for viewing. They want to save their videos and happy memories for a long time and forever provided coming generation of one’s family may also be able to see them but how this is possible to save those old memories.

There is a way by which those old videos shot using 8mm can be saved and the method is – conversion from 8mm to DVD.

Conversion technique:

Frame by Frame transfer: – in frame by frame technique each frame is passed through a projector with enlarged gate with a light source in front of a half-inch 3CCD camera. Each individual frame is passed through a projection gate and picture is taken. Then all individual frames are put into special software that converts the frames into a movie. It is a solid, smooth and flicker free capture by which a higher quality transfer is produced.

Lubrication and Cleaning: – Then reel is lubricated and cleaned with film cleaner. The film is passed under a microfiber cloth that erases dusts and debris. It keeps the film hydrated and filling scratches and a light protective coating is added. This makes movies cleaner and brighter.

Editing and compositing: – After lubrication and cleaning the film is edited and composed finally using editing and compositing software.

Burning to DVD: – After final editing and compositing you have final output of film in a computer, now you can burn the final Film to dvd using DVD burning software. There are several DVD burning software available on internet. After burning your DVD is ready and can be played into a computer or a DVD supported player.

Hence if you have any old videos of 8mm or of other variants and want them to convert then you can convert it using Superdub transfer services provided one can store his old videos save and safe forever.

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I never thought that I’d ever hear that record again. I’ve been playing it in the car to work and picking up the kids from school. They are ready to kill me! Love it!

- Barb P

There are so many memories that I cannot forget, but so many more that our films brought back. Thank you Superdub

- Kay M

It’s a whole new experience seeing the old films on our Plasma. Cheers

- Bert H

Wow ! It was so great seeing the old slides again. We have printed a whole lot off as photos and the Dvd Slideshow has featured at many parties. Thanks Again

- Shane T

These films have brought myself and my mother closer than ever. It has also allowed my students to get a first hand view of what it was like growing up in the 60’s. Thanks for the memories

- J Campbell

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