Watching a Movie on an Ipad or on a Smartphone

Technology is changing day by day with fastest speed. It is like if you may have bought any smart-phone, laptop or even a personal computer with latest technology, it must have become old in one week because in that time a new technology may have arrived and you feel your new bought ones, old; so nothing is permanent is technology, it is always increasing and advancing.

Today every average person has a multimedia device and in the market there are lots of multimedia devices available whichever you want to buy whether any smart-phone, i-pad, i-pod or any other devices.

Suppose you are watching a movie on your PC or on a TV and feel yourself tired watching on it because of sitting on a seat for two or three hours continuously. It seems sometimes boring and you want that movie on your i-pad or on a smart-phone provided you can watch it wherever you want and whenever you want.

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Here are some simple methods by which you can convert a movie for an i-pad or a smart-phone.

• First of all know that which format your i-pad or a smart-phone supports.

• Find any conversion software in which i-pad or smart-phone formats supported.

• Install that conversion software on your PC.

• Drag a movie file to that software and in a section of supported i-pad or smart-phone format.

• Click on ‘convert’ button and file is ready for conversion and it takes some time for converting.

• After conversion for an i-pad or for a smart-phone, put the converted movie file into an i-pad or smart-phone through supported USB cable.

There are many ways by which a movie file can be converted into many file formats for whichever device you have and there are lots of soft wares available online which can be downloaded online and you can convert a movie file or an audio file with the help of these soft wares because today any conversion is pretty possible.

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