Old Video Tape Formats

New camera technology has formed today many new paths to make a movie very entertaining without facing any obstacle. Now movies are made with the latest technology coming and giving audience a world of entertainment in which they can feel the movie life too and can also get into a movie which they are watching. Many transformations have come and developed provided perhaps there should not be anything that cannot be shot.

old video formats

Old Video Formats

New technique like 3D and 4D allow us to feel the real movie experiences like a movie in ‘Avatar’ directed by James Cameron. This movie was the highest earning movie of the 2011 year and turned everyone awestruck. Awesome this movie was that inspired and aspired many directors to use this 3D technology. Today almost those movies in which we can feel and realize a life and fantasy or a new world, are now being released and made into 3Ds. Everything is changing and what the changes that are changing also changing us, our perception, vision and to feel something different and new.

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There are new experiments that are being done and searched showcasing new avenues of multimedia. Animation movies, 2d movies, 3d movies, experimental movies are being made to make audience and viewers watch something different provided they could know something new is beyond their reach but they can feel it. So today you can do whatever you want to do with technology, even reverse it.

Suppose you have the latest DVDs of movies and you want to convert them into old 8mm or 16mm film because it is your school project to tell difference between new and old but you did not find an old 8mm or 16mm film or video that’s why you are converting news to olds ones and want to feel how new movies look different in old format. So this is a kind of conversion that you can do whether converting old video formats to new ones or new ones to old ones if you want.

Superdub offers its conversion services to convert old video formats into new ones provided they can remain safe and long life with the superb quality and endurance.

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Wow ! It was so great seeing the old slides again. We have printed a whole lot off as photos and the Dvd Slideshow has featured at many parties. Thanks Again

- Shane T

Just a quick note to say thankyou for the fantastic job you did on our old films. Nan is still in tears with all the memories flooding back and your choice of music captured the moment brilliantly

- Trevor C

I never thought that I’d ever hear that record again. I’ve been playing it in the car to work and picking up the kids from school. They are ready to kill me! Love it!

- Barb P

These films have brought myself and my mother closer than ever. It has also allowed my students to get a first hand view of what it was like growing up in the 60’s. Thanks for the memories

- J Campbell

There are so many memories that I cannot forget, but so many more that our films brought back. Thank you Superdub

- Kay M

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