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VHS ImageIt was a class  in film and movie making school where we were taught about the process of conversion and handling old cameras in which old film reels and tapes were used.  We were watching some old vhs movies in a VCR which made me realize that it was a format which would eventually be phased out sooner rather than later. Although Vcr’s are still available today, the playback quality will always have its limitations as with all tape formats that followed Vhs including Betamax, Video 8, Hi 8, Digital 8, Mini Dv and Dv Cam.The luxury of converting vhs into DVDs is now commonplace with consumers having the choice to either do it themselves or source out a reputable digital conversion service.

Vhs took the consumer market by storm and by the mid 80’s all but replaced the remainder of the 8mm film consumer market. But Vhs tape was not without its issues. The risk of your Vcr chewing up your tape was one of the many factors that contributed to the slow degrading of your memories.

Video Tape starts falling apart in as little as 3 years as opposed to a Dvd’s lifespan of up to 200 years.

So you may ask, How do you transfer Vhs to Dvd and what equipment do you need to make the switch. In fact there are several methods of copying Vhs to Dvd.

1 – By using a combination unit (Vhs/Dvd) which is a dedicated unit designed to copy. Simply inserting your Vhs tape and a blank Dvd should get the ball rolling. There are a few technical steps that you will be required do to complete the Vhs to Dvd transfer but those familiar with both Vhs and Dvd players should navigate through the technical jargon supplied by the manufacturer.

2 – The second option is to use your computer and a seperate video capture device. This enables you to record directly to Mpeg2 and then convert to Dvd. This also gives you options to edit your videos. Video encoding can be very demanding so use a fast computer to make the transfer process a little quicker.

3 – Alternatively you can send it to a qualified transfer service and take the hassle out of it. A search online will help you find a reputable company like Superdub who are considered by industry insiders both a trustworthy and quality provider of Vhs conversion services.

The advantages of converting Vhs to DVD is that it offers durability, compatibility, high definition watching, portability and many other advantages rather than those of Vhs that degrade as time passes as well as other atmospherical effects.  DVD’s are best medium to keep videos for a long time and with high end quality.

Superdub offers services in the following medium as film transfer, video tape transfer, audio transfer, slides, photos and negatives, Cd & DVD duplication, memory & storage media and disc doctoring.

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