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Video TransferThe common thread with all of these formats from film to videotape is that they all deteriorate over time and having the luxury of digital transfer has enabled the conversion of yesteryears memories onto today’s digital technology. With customers  wishing to convert vhs to Dvd, cassette to Cd, Vinyl to Cd or mp3, convert film to Dvd, photo scanning, slides to digital, audio tape transfer & Tape to Dvd.

For over a century movies have captured the hearts and minds of people all over the world. Film has progressed from being only available for those with silk purse strings to being enjoyed by all.

We have progressed from 35mm Motion Picture Film to in more recent times 16mm which was first used as a news gathering format as well as television programming in the 1950’s and 1960’s. The home movie market gradually switched to even less expensive 8mm Film and super 8mm formats.

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Originally developed by The Eastman Kodak Company, the standard 8mm became entrenched in the market place and by the late 1950’s 8mm home movie cameras were a common sight at family parties, special events and on vacations.

The late 1970’s saw the emergence of video tape with VHS and Betamax formats now appealing to the mass market and further dominating the consumer market throughout the 1980s.

Further format changes saw the introduction of Video 8, Hi 8 and Mini Dv amongst other formats leaving consumers with a host of archival material no longer being serviced. That list reads quite long when you consider the formats include Standard 8mm film, Super 8mm film, 16mm film, Umatic Video tape, Betamax Video tape, Vhs Video tape, Vhs-C Video tape, Super Vhs Video tape, 8mm Video tape, Hi 8 Video tape, Digital 8 Video tape, Mini Dv Video tape and Dv Cam Video as well others.

The introduction of Dvd by the mid 2000s saw the format become the dominant form of prerecorded video movies in both rental film and new movie markets. It also led to the decline in demand for all of the previous formats. Around this time saw an interest in Movie transfer, Video transfer, Super 8 to Dvd, 8mm to Dvd, Mini Dv to Dvd, Film transfer, Vhs conversion and other digital conversions. Production houses began offering digital conversion to dvd but usually charged excessively for such transfers. The advent of specialized transfer studios brought the price down somewhat and further competition into the mid 2000’s coupled with improvements in digital technology meant that customers were getting good value for money.

Transfer companies that genuinely offer there reputation as a guarantee come few and far between. Superdub was created by a team of professionals with backgrounds in digital restoration. They understand the characteristics of film and video transfer to digital. With special care we clean, preserve and digitally enhance all mediums to ensure your precious memories live on forever.

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We have just received and viewed the DVD Slide Show you had transferred from our old slides. We are delighted with it and the music you chose was great. Thank you so much. I will contact you and speak to you now regarding our old movies. Regards Gweneth M

- Slides

These films have brought myself and my mother closer than ever. It has also allowed my students to get a first hand view of what it was like growing up in the 60’s. Thanks for the memories

- J Campbell

I never thought that I’d ever hear that record again. I’ve been playing it in the car to work and picking up the kids from school. They are ready to kill me! Love it!

- Barb P

Wow ! It was so great seeing the old slides again. We have printed a whole lot off as photos and the Dvd Slideshow has featured at many parties. Thanks Again

- Shane T

What was I thinking with some of those outfits. Thank you for a wonderful job !

- Natasha Z

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