What is VHS?

vhs imageVHS is a recording tape known as Video Home System. It was developed by the Victor Company of Japan and was an analog recording video tape for consumers until the introduction of DVD . It was the most popular recording format that contributed to television and the film industry. At that time there were other recording formats too that companies were manufacturing in the competition to vhs and one of them was Betamax but at the end the only vhs format survived in the war of recording formats and became a major home video format.

A vhs tape is 187 mm wide, 25 mm thick and 103mm deep with plastic cover together with five head screws. This tape can be played in a VCR and the process to load the tape is very easy. One just has to put it into a VCR and it pulls the tape from the cassette shell and wraps around an inclined head drum that rotates it in machines.

Nowadays vhs tapes are not used and instead of these DVDs and CDs are used that offer better quality of storage, durability and quality.

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