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What is Vinyl?

What is VinylThose that have decided to convert their classic Cds, Vinyl, Reel to Reel, 8 track and other favourites can either do it themselves or send it to have a professional digital conversion done. Simply Google search for “tape to cd, digital conversion, cassette to cd, convert cassette to cd, vinyl to cd( click here if you want to know how to convert vinyl into cd), audio tape transfer and cassette to mp3′ should see you on your way. If you are a lover of vinyl you may be one of those that will be hard to convince that anything sounds better.

Some say that the ambience of a record album exudes : the retro artwork, the jacket and maybe even the pops, crackles and hiss. Playing it through the hum of an old amplifier that bathed you in the warmth of its sound may be an unbeatable experience.

People listening to music on their mobile devices and fitting their music collections in their pockets make Cds and mp3′s an attractive proposition. The option of portability makes things like playing music in your car for instance a viable option as you cannot play a vinyl lp in your wheels.

The first time that multiple formats with differing sounds were seriously available to consumers was in the late Seventies. 8 track and Cassette tapes now offered a format option to Vinyl. In fact 8 track was the better of the 2 tape formats however public demand eventually pushed toward the humble little Cassette. The problem with Cassette was that having small tape width, slow tape speeds and a tremendous amount of ‘tape hiss’ and coupled with technically unreliable players it would always be a compromised format. Various formulations for Noise Reduction were developed but you needed a deck to take advantage of these newer age advances and still you would need to know how they worked to get the best results.

Vinyl and Cassette ruled the 70′s & 80′s but things started to change with the introduction of the Compact Disc. The issues of tape hiss and vinyl crackle and pop would be something of the past.  By 1988 Compact Discs would begin to outsell Vinyl. This would now introduce a new approach to the recording business : Digital Mastering.   Whilst maximizing the sound potential files could now be exported to mp3, Wav, Aiff, Flac and Cd amongst others. Mp3 and AAC’s originate from Cd quality audio. This is why Cd’s are chosen as the most often favoured format.

A well mastered Cd is the format which most closely resembles the artists original intent. Digital transfer companies such as Superdub have a great track record in audio transfers. A team with a background in digital restoration and conversion, they will take your music collection to new levels of quality and playback clarity. Whether it be Cassette to Cd, Vinyl to mp3, Cassette to mp3, Vinyl to Cd and many other audio formats. Finished Cd’s offer track by track separation with a high quality printed Cd cover.

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